In 2020 the Hannover PreMoot toke place for the 14th time from 27th to 29th February. We want to thank all participants for a successfull event and are looking forward to the next PreMoot in 2021.


Starting with 6 teams in 2006, the Hannover PreMoot has grown and became one of the biggest PreMoots in Europe. During the last years, the Hannover PreMoot was able to host around 30 teams each year.

Being supported by a huge number of professionals, the Hannover PreMoot has also become a steppingstone to success: nearly 50 percent of the participating teams of the Hannover PreMoot made it to the final rounds, either in Hong Kong or in Vienna - or even in both competitions! Nonetheless, we are proud that the Hannover PreMoot is still built upon the commitment of our moot-familiy.

Come to Hannover and feel the moot-spirit!


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The organisation is administered by Professor Dr. Christian Wolf.